Prosecco Still

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11% Vol


Prosecco DOC






750 ml

This product has its own traceability card, an important identity card that differentiates us from any other manufacturer in the world, we are the first to have introduced something so thorough, in this way you can at any time see how what you are drinking has been produced , without secrets. Everything is available through the password on the back of your bottle label which will give you access to the page relating to the wine selected in this section of our site:

our still prosecco comes from the idea of ​​developing a wine with a very aromatic vine, often snubbed in favor of the sparkling version.
We believe that it has a lot to give as a still wine, it becomes a wine suitable for everything, from aperitif to dinner.
Our prosecco has a straw yellow color with fruity notes of yellow berry fruit, has an excellent acidity and flavor

vinified with natural yeasts in steel tanks starting from selected grapes and harvested by hand. This wine has no additions except a small amount of sulfites (very low) to allow an optimal refinement and maintenance.
There will never be a headache with our wines