Tullia – Cesura Mélia

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14% Vol


Red wine




750 ml


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This product has its own traceability card, an important identity card that differentiates us from any other manufacturer in the world, we are the first to have introduced something so thorough, in this way you can at any time see how what you are drinking has been produced , without secrets. Everything is available through the password on the back of your bottle label which will give you access to the page relating to the wine selected in this section of our site: https://www.cesurameliawine.com/en/tracciabilita/

The organoleptic characteristics of the Merlot red wine are full of roundness and softness. Thanks to the great ability to adapt to different climatic and soil conditions, Merlot is widespread in many parts of the world, with different results. choose a good Merlot relying on producers in the area where it is present history and tradition of the same. Returning to the organoleptic characteristics of our Merlot, we can define it velvety, intense, ruby ​​red; the nose allows to clearly recognize the red fruits of the wood (blackberries, raspberries, currants, etc.), all the typical smells of the undergrowth, very grassy spices (oregano, etc.) up to the pine needles. In the mouth it is deep , Persistent and basically solid, accompanied by pleasant grassy notes.

Vinified and aged in steel, following the method handed down from generation to generation that has always represented our wines.