The importance of time

Life is made of moments, in this page you can live in a moment 80 years of history that have already flown away. We all have a hectic life that sometimes makes us forget how much we are just simple extras in this universe. We all have a huge library of memories that if we fail to tell in the short time we have will be hopelessly lost. In our company time has a considerable matter, and we try to transmit it every day through our products.

The cesura becomes the property of the Danieli family

1937 is an important date for our history as it is the year in which the Cesura is bought by Bruno and Amelia (known as Mélia). In the early years our Cesura was a fund that produced various products, including vegetables, grapes, and there was no shortage of cattle, and milk production.


The first prize

Bruno Danieli, was a winemaker among many things, and was also specialized in the production of wines, with which, just in 1972 he began to participate in local events, where he managed to bring home many first prizes starting from the year 1972, until the 1990s, when these local demonstrations began to disappear and the caesura began to pass into the hands of his son Rizieri.



In 1977 Rizieri, (who unfortunately passed away in 2018) slowly took over from Bruno, and took care of the Cesura until 2011. In these years La Cesura was completely converted to the breeding of the Vine, and the wine production he continued to have life in our small cellar, a beautiful page of history that we will always carry with us, along with the charisma and skills of Rizieri



If the Cesura is as you see it now, the credit goes solely and exclusively to Stefano (the father of the writer). It was he who renewed the vineyards and created the structure of the new cellar. A system like not seen in our area, something completely eco-sustainable, close to nature and the environment. Its premature passing of a baton was dictated by the fact that being a winemaker is not his job because in life he is occupies of other.


The handover

I am fortunate to be the present, I am Giulio Danieli, winemaker, winemaker, video maker, photographer, mechanic, web designer, and everything that can come to mind. I took over the reins of the game to transform this piece of history into something unique, guaranteeing the historicity and all the teachings received on respect for nature, for customers and myself. The wine that comes out of the Cesura is not just wine , it's really a part of me, and it's a part of our family history.


The “Cesura” historically defines the intact agricultural units, entirely enclosed and circumscribed and enclosed by fences, as was formerly used, using stone walls to protect the most valuable lands and varieties. By enclosing the meaning in a handful of words we can say that the Cesura is a place where quality is obtained from the earth. And this is precisely the starting point of our history, starting from the grandparents Bruno and Mélia who bought the land where our company is now based to raise livestock, and the most diversified crops, from beets to corn, to be precise to the vines. Our Cesura has about 3 hectares of vineyard surface, in which we try to put the plant in the condition to give us the highest possible quality, at the expense of quantity. In our company we certainly cannot aim for very large productions, it would not be physically possible, but it would not even fit into our plans as being handed down from father to son over the last century, the importance of quality in what we eat must be absolute. We spend all our lives buying products with closed eyes that God alone knows how they were obtained, the only security you can have on our own products, at home, which have no ambition to compete with large numbers to have ever lower prices at the expense of quality and tradition. Our products, for our own admission, are not and never will be for everyone, we put all our efforts into being able to offer you the highest possible quality, in full compliance with the laws and productive morals handed down to us by a tradition that sees us employed in the wine and grape production for over 80 years, a story full of prizes and successes in our area and now a new source of challenge for the conquest of new markets. Finding something innovative in the wine world is very difficult, we try to look a lot at the package and less about the product, our strength is to do the opposite, providing those who buy our wine the opportunity to make sense of every penny spent.