In this section you will have the opportunity to do something that no manufacturer has ever allowed you to do before.Watch the entire journey of your bottle, complete with dates, chemical and sensorial analyzes, see the rows and processes (through photos and videos) from which your wine comes and even hear the sound of fermentation tanks and therefore the sound given off to the time of fermentation from the content of your bottle. You will always be the owner of a piece of our company, and you can come back when you want to review the history that contained your bottle. Each bottle is unique, has its own story, and we wanted to tell it to you without modifying it by a comma, to allow you also, if you will like it, to judge each year available and share the differences between the different wines of different vintages in correlation with the climatic trends and the whole production procedure. You are not the last part of our production, but the first with which we want to share our production concept and our product.

For the reasons mentioned above, our production at a quantitative level is very low, both in terms of grape yield per ha (by our choice) and in terms of the size of the vineyard. An intelligent yield allows us to keep the plants healthy, get a better quality grape and have a much more homogeneous maturation. All this to seek the highest possible quality, to create a truly niche product, but safe, true and full of passion.

Veneto (ITALY)
9 m s.l.m.
Merlot, Pinot Bianco, Prosecco